International Diabetes Organisations are unanimous on Diabetes remission through diet

Jackfruit365, green jackfruit flour is promising for Indians to achieve diabetes remission, is proven by a few of the case studies in India now

New Delhi, (India), October 04: Are you a diabetic? Have you been in the tangle of type-2 diabetes and on medication for long? Have you been fed up taking daily pills to manage your diabetes? Are you worried, losing hope of getting remission from diabetes without medication? There is good news for you. Now you can rejoice and hope of getting remission from diabetes through diet as international organisations are unanimous on Diabetes remission through diet.

Lately, the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the Endocrine Society, the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and Diabetes UK have jointly published in Diabetes Care, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Diabetologia, and Diabetic Medicine respectively that people with type-2 diabetes should be considered in remission after sustaining normal blood glucose (sugar) levels for three months or more without diabetic medication. [1]

In this consensus statement, the international group of experts suggest an HbA1c (average blood glucose) level of less than 6.5% for at least three months after stopping diabetes medication as the usual diagnostic criterion for diabetes remission. [1] It comes out from the statement that the role of diet in the remission of diabetes management will have the upper hand. Diabetes remission is described as a favourable outcome of interventions including low-calorie diet and low carbohydrate diet resulting in a disease-free status.

“Of course, the latest findings of American Diabetes Association (ADA) on the remission of Type-2 diabetes through diet is a great breakthrough, which is likely to have a huge impact on the way Type-2 diabetes will be managed in the future. In fact, I consider this is the most important recent advancement in diabetes management in the last decade. The clinical study published by my team suggested that with low-calorie diet, around 50% patients with recent onset diabetes can manage to reverse to a stage where they can manage their diabetes without medications. However, when it comes to diet, especially in India, where a variety of foods are available, there is a good scope to identify and develop local food options, which will be useful in managing blood glucose levels in patients with Type-2 diabetes. I would like to congratulate the scientific researchers who have found out the efficacy of Jackfruit flour in lowering HbA1c levels among the patients with Type-2 diabetes,”says Dr Anjali Bhatt, Diabetologist, Founder & Consultant, ENDOCLINIC, Pune.

After reading the latest consensus led by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) about the remission of diabetes through diet, one of the Indian diabetes patients relishing remission jumped with joy saying that his own readings now have scientific validation. That diabetes patient is a 50-year-old resident of Chennai – Mr Vinu Nair who included Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit flour in his meals and got marvellous results in diabetes remission.

An elated Mr Nair shares his story saying, “I heard about Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit flour through a TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) event five years back where James Joseph, CEO, was describing its characteristics and efficacy in diabetes control. His deliberations increased my curiosity to know more about Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit flour as my both parents were diabetic. I kept in touch with James to know more about the efficacy of the product – Jackfruit365 flour. A couple of years later in May 2018, I turned diabeticwith HbA1c 7.7%, my wife, a medical doctor, suggested medication, and I contacted James, and he suggested taking Jackfruit356 flour as nutrition therapy along with the medication. And I started both. Surprisingly, after three months, my sugar level dropped to 5.9% from 7.7%.”

Adding further, Mr Nair says, “After my sugar level reached 5.9%, I decided to take one pill in a day instead of 2 tablets, but continued on Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit flour twice a day. After three more months, i.e., after six months, my reading was pretty consistent. And after one year in May 2019, my HbA1c reading came down to 5.8%. Alongside, my cholesterol & triglycerides also came down substantially. As I do a lot of cooking, I used Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit flour in my meals in a variety of ways, such as in breakfast in the form of Idli, Dosa, Roti and Puttu – the great combination. I tried it on soups or anything warm, I used to sprinkle Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit Flour on it, and used its flour in making many other dishes.”

 Having observed the marvellous response of Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit flour by the end of the second year, Mr Nair started feeling too low in sugar levels. In May 2020, his HbA1c was 5.5% and decided to quit medication but continued with the Jackfruit365 flour. In the third year, he is using only Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit flour without any medication. In May 2021, his HbA1c is 6.2%, which is below 6.5% after one year of quitting the medication with normal cholesterol and triglycerides. Remarkably, during this period, Mr Nair didn’t change his traditional Indian eating habits. His case study conforms to the criterion of the latest findings of Diabetes remission through diet led by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

Characteristic Features of Jackfruit365 Green Jackfruit Flour

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  • One cup of jackfruit flour has 40% fewer calories, 40% fewer carbohydrates, and four times higher fibre than a wheat/rice flour cup.
  • A clinical study published in Nature Group Journal, Nutrition & Diabetes showed adding a tablespoon of Jackfruit365 flour in most common main meals three times a day can reduce HbA1c in Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Within months of study publication, Jackfruit365 has become a bestseller in Amazon with 5000 plus reviews from diabetic patients in India finding it effective and convenient.