USD Cric token halving and sub halving mechanism

New Delhi (India), September 7:

Halving (Every 4 Years – ODI World Cup):

  1. 1.Halves token issuance: During a halving event, the rate at which new $Cric tokens are created as rewards for token holders or miners is reduced by 50%.
  2. 2.Occurs with ODI World Cup: Halving events coincide with major cricket events like the ICC Cricket World Cup, which takes place approximately every four years.
  3. 3.Creates scarcity, boosts value: By reducing the rate of new token creation, halving events aim to create scarcity in the market, potentially increasing the value of existing $Cric tokens.
  4. 4.Rewards token holders: Long-term token holders benefit as the reduced token issuance can lead to increased token value, serving as a reward for holding $Cric tokens.
  5. 5.Aligns with cricket excitement: The timing of halving events aligns with significant cricket tournaments, enhancing the enthusiasm among token holders.
  6. 6.Long-term incentive: Halving events serve as an incentive for long-term engagement with the $Cric token ecosystem, as token scarcity may lead to continued value appreciation.

Sub-Halving (Every ICC Event):

  1. 1.Reduces issuance at ICC events: Sub-halving events follow a similar principle to major halvings but with smaller reductions in token creation rates.
  2. 2.Maintains token scarcity: These events ensure that token supply remains controlled and aligned with the frequency of major cricket tournaments sanctioned by the ICC.
  3. 3.Encourages engagement: Sub-halving events incentivize token holders and miners by reducing the issuance of new tokens and potentially increasing their value.
  4. 4.Syncs with cricket calendar: By occurring during ICC events such as T20 World Cups, Champions Trophy, or other major tournaments, sub-halvings coincide with cricket excitement.
  5. 5.Rewards loyal holders: Those who hold $Cric tokens over the long term may benefit from increased token value following sub-halving events.
  6. 6.Enhances token value: Similar to major halvings, sub-halving events aim to create scarcity, which can lead to higher token values and incentivize continued participation in the $Cric token ecosystem.

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